Every year on Mother’s Day, women everywhere are lifted up for the love and guidance they give their children. Not only reserved for women who birthed children, but anyone that has stepped up to be a role model to a child. Nurturers, givers and selfless women who put others before themselves. Despite our valiant efforts many of us black women don’t always feel appreciated or honored as much as our counterparts. Never to be forgotten in hip hop by the many emcees who were raised by single mothers, these are a few of our heart tugging dedications to moms everywhere.

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These classic hip hop songs not only tell stories of struggle, compassion and triumph… they show us the possibilities. From Nas who yearns for one last dance with his mom who passed in 2002, or Kanye who promised his mom the world in exchange for her sacrifices. From Canibus who speaks to his mom from the womb to Ghostface Killah who crushed the hood with his too familiar descriptive story of his mom raising kids alone.
These are some of our favorite dedications from a few of our hip hop legends.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms of the world. Keep going, your efforts are recognized and appreciated…you never know how your child will affect this world.