Being versatile is the need of the hour. In this fast-moving world, one cannot survive on a single skill. Having more than one talent opens many opportunities for a person. It enables them to explore themselves in different environments, deal with and face different challenges. Not only does it make a person immensely talented, but also confident to represent themselves in multiple fields. Such people are always driven by the thirst to achieve more. They strive for success in every field they step in and always work in their full capacity to give their best. Similar is the case with Esteisy Musica. She is dynamism redefined. She has released a total of two tracks, namely, ‘Gasta Funda,’ and ‘Un Dia.’ which have been appreciated for their creativity and catchy tunes. After releasing these tracks, her new single ‘Freak‘ is all set to be released on July 16. The track is a bold rap and is going to quickly become an audience favorite. The track is written and sung by the talented artist herself and produced by Lil Rod. The music video is directed by Otheezy” (Oththan “Otheezy” Burnside)

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Widely known for her music and her debut track Gasta Funda, this high-spirited individual is also known for her great sense of fashion. Although a musician by heart, she religiously follows all the fashion trends. She fully embraces the label of being a Reggaeton “It Girl” and represents her style and vibe through her bold fashion sense.

An it-girl is someone who respects and honors their individuality. She celebrates her uniqueness fearlessly and inspires others to do the same. It is a part of her appeal which draws people in, and she’s adored for it – clearly defines who Esteisy Musica is!


Being proud of her cultural background, she tries to incorporate and reflect it through her music and style sense. Embracing her Dominican background, she is flaunting her fusion looks with vibrant pieces of apparel and accessories. She describes her style as multifaceted and is open to trying different looks. Esteisy has the confidence and aura to pull off any look and can easily be called a fashion icon. Sharing her thoughts on fashion, she says, “My style and fashion is a part of the entertainer in me! It’s super important to me to entertain my audience with every fiber of my being, and having style has been part of my identity since I was a child. Nothing mattered more than music and clothes.

According to Esteisy, fashion and music are tied by roots, as both are a form of art. She believes that every artist at some point has to become a model, which is why she deems herself as a potential model too. Following and agreeing with the idea of versatility, Esteisy has left no stone unturned when it comes to unleashing her potential. She has completed a couple of photo shoots and is all set to rock the fashion industry.

Music is her Heartbeat

Esteisy Musica is a fresh face in the music industry. She debuted as a musician in 2020 with her single “Gasta Funda.” Her music is an original mixture of Reggaeton and Urbano music. She also creates music in genres like Trap Soul, and R&B. Her capability to create music in diverse genres has opened the fields of all types of music to her. She loves experimenting and fusing newer and older tunes to create something unique, which is evident in her musical masterpieces.The emerging talent was born in Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Esteisy spent 12 years of her life there and her family’s wise decision of moving to Columbia in South Carolina, for better opportunities, gave her the motivation to pursue her career in the music industry. Since then, Esteisy Musica has been unstoppable. Not only has she groomed herself as an artist, but she has also stepped into other fields as well. She is currently working with the ‘Songstress Group’ and is being managed by Starstruck Management. Her abilities and passion for reaching the top are clear by her career trajectory, and it can be said that she will, very soon, be counted as one of the top musical artists and fashionistas.