Charge it to the bomb filter on their phone or just great genes but most celebs we see have perfect skin. Don’t get it twisted, to achieve that flawless look, they put in the work! Be it through professionals or their daily at home skincare grind, what we learned and now, know for sure is that the key to great skin is to have a consistent system in place.  Since having great looking skin is practically in their job description, we knew that if anyone had the best skincare tips it would be the women you see below.  Take a look at the skincare secrets from the girls who always glow.  And keep reading to find out what celebs swear by their weekly spa appointments, remove facial hair and rely on the everyday drug store products we all use.    

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Rihanna- Body Oil

Touch that butta Baby” She says on her recent Instagram post.  Whipped body oil gives skin that glow without the oily mess.  Because know ones trying to ruin an outfit. The perfect part is with consistent use Ashe will become a thing of the past and your legs, arms and even elbows will have a sheen you’re looking for just in time for summer.  


One thing bout #Buttahdrop, it’s gon give what it’s s’pose to give!!” Rihanna says 

Drip ya skin in a hydrating, glossy, whipped body oil from Fenty Skin that leaves you with a non sticky glow that lasts.  Also she’s refillable.  .  

Saweetie-Coffee Scrub 

Saweeties three easy steps to super smooth skin.  “Perfect for the summer time because I’m gonna be damn near naked” Using a coffee Scrub, lotion and body oil drops from her favorite skincare brand. I like to use it on my arms, my booty, my legs, tummy and my skin (basically all over ) to make everything super silky and smooth. She first exfoliates with a Coffee scrub all over her  body for 3 min to slough and remove dead skin cells from the skins surface.  Second, she hydrates with lotion “that smells hella good”  and finishes her routine with body drops that she drips all over her body-to create her perfect smooth skin recipe.  

Eva Marcille-Weekly Facial Treatments

“My happy place self care, self love, skincare thank you so much @the_atlanta_aesthetician for my weekly maintenance.” Says Eva whose skin orders a weekly dermaplaning treatment.  Dermaplaning is Hollywood’s best kept secret. Its purpose is  to give your skin an immediate exfoliation for aglow that lasts a week. The benefits are dewy skin, faster cell turnover, and a smoother texture. Now tell us who wouldn’t want that. We’re booking our appointment now! 

Blac Chyna -Laser Hair Removal 

Blac Chyna flies into Miami just to receive laser hair removal treatments from Laser Me Please Miami for a stubble free life.  She didn’t specify but our guess at least every six months. The price we pay for beauty.  

Megan Thee Stallion-Nightly Face Cleansing

We went to bed with Megan to see her nighttime routine as told to Harpers Bazaar that simply includes a facial cleanser, moisturizer and Bio Oil. She starts by washing off the “20 pounds” of makeup that she wears all day (her words not ours) . “I wash all the hot girl stuff  off with Cetaphil because I has sensitive acne prone skin” she adds “I used to have it bad and this literally got me through the tough times.” “If you have oily skin or having a  bad breakout this product calms her face down.” She adds.