If there’s one comedian who most of us think would have one of the best Twitter pages, it’s Dave Chappelle. But Dave isn’t that type of comedian. Chappelle is known for keeping a relatively low profile for the majority of his career. Chappelle has not been this active since the early days of his career and Chappelle’s Show. The legendary comedian was recently interviewed by Jimmy Fallon and shared his thoughts about a multitude of topics, one of which was Twitter.

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Fallon asked Chapplle why he never tweets, to which Chappelle called Twitter the equivalent to a “bathroom wall.”

“Why would I write all my thoughts on a bathroom wall?” Chappelle said. “Donald Trump, you heard that? And don’t cut that shit in post, Jimmy”


Dave Chappelle actually has a Twitter account that’s verified too. However, his last tweet dates back almost 10 years ago, back in 2012. “This account has been hacked. I’m deeming it officially bogus. Sincerely, Chappelle, David K,” Dave tweeted.

Chappelle has been vocal about social media in the past and only opts to use Instagram every once in a while to drop a 20-minute special. Back in 2017, during an interview, Chappelle responded to the same question as to why he doesn’t tweet by saying “I dont want to spill my guts out.”I’m not really into the social media,” he said. “I keep my blathering in my genre,” he added.