Is it shaky in the MMG camp? DJ Akademiks stirred the pot revealing that Rick Ross was allegedly denied entry into Meek Mill’s section at his birthday party.

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Akademiks would give details in a Twitch stream, not specifically mentioning rappers but Bossip highlights social media put the pieces together.

“There is an artist that’s signed to another artist,” Akademiks says. “The artist that’s signed to another artist, they were having a party. The artist they’re signed to allegedly tried to enter the party and go about certain places, and I heard that there was a big issue. One of your favorite artists who’s claiming that they’re ‘lit,’ they’re a ‘boss,’ they do ‘whatever’ — they’re signed to another n*gga.”


“And allegedly, they’re beefing with the other ngga cuz they’re tryna get off the label,” Akademiks continues. “I hear they want off the label. This been a ongoing conversation. The ngga who they’re signed to showed up to their party, [and] they were not happy. When that person showed up, there was issues.”

The party was at Club LIV in Miami. The rumor mill states Ross is operating as a businessman and wants Meek to finish out his terms. Unfortunately, Meek is attempting to fight that contract.