This 21 year old has proved to the world that she is a certified Boss! Staring in and producing her Blackish spinoff Grownish; she runs her own production company, 7th Sun, with her mother; activist (she is the voice of her generation); student at Harvard University, studying sociology and African American studies and now designer, teaming up with Adidas for her very own five-piece collection that celebrates her Black and Iranian roots and did we mention Nas is her cousin. Two years in the making, the Yara line a five piece collection includes a pair of classic Superstar sneakers, two jackets and coordinating track pants. “When we first got the opportunity to collaborate it just seemed so real, I live in tracksuits anyway so when I was thinking about this collection it came down to wanting to be able to celebrate my heritage specifically but really more broadly have a conversation on culture.” She states in an interview with Harpers Baazar. Paying homage to the activists and artists who have shaped Shahidi’s own worldview, the styles feature intricate detailing such as embroidered Farsi script, global colorways, and 1960s-inspired silhouettes. Her inspiration? Shahidi looked to the rest of the world, and the past, to create dozens of mood boards featuring the likes of earthy yellows and legendary influences like Prince and Bob Marley. “I’m in a big mood boarder,” says Shahidi. “During that process, I really identified what were the colors that were resonant—there was something about that particular mustard that felt globally resonant.” 

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The Yara Line, blends the art of culture and fashion and it looks good on everyone. Shahidi gives us a global perspective on life and shows us that it looks good on everyone. “ The imagery for the ads will represent the culture globally on how they represent pop culture in their respective countries.”  she says.  How does she find the inspiration to do it all? A saying her mom has instilled in her is what guides her decisions. “There is nothing more interesting than an interested human, mama always says.” says Shahidi. “Coming into this collection, design was so far from what I  had ever done, prior that it required me to look at my influences and that’s when I realized that it was much more of a skill set that I expected to have of myself, I was surprised to learn that I knew more than she thought.” And with one click on her phone she goes from student to designer in an instant, Inviting her followers to celebrate with her as she took her last final exam and premiered the teaser for her newest venture on social media Wednesday morning. Check out The collection available now online.