At the beginning of the week, fans of The Joe Budden podcast were shocked to find out that Rory Farrell would no longer be a co-host on the popular show. As fans look for more answers, Rory took to his Twitter and stated that he would address the “messy sh*t soon.”

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While Rory may be choosing to talk about it at a later date, Mal is choosing to get some things off his chest now in a few tweets on Twitter. “The lies are always loud. The truth is always quiet. I promise you,” he stated.

“Black people love to discredit one another. It’s a disease that kills our community,” he continued.  “I’ve been cool and quiet for too long. I’m allowed to get out of character for at least an hour. Maybe 40 mins. The truth is usually short and simple.”


Mal let it be known that the situation between Budden, Farrell, and himself has already been resolved, however he believes that fans who have supported the show for so long should know the truth regarding the situation. “I’m not with the corny sh*t,” he begin.  “I’m only willing to sit down and address everything because people supported something for years. They deserve that.”

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