While the summer begins to wind down, we are preparing to enjoy good music indoors. Whether at home snuggled up or at our favorite night time spot, audiences rely on good tunes to complement the seasonal change. A new season means new artists, and by audience, we’ve combined a chart of top talents to watch for this Fall. Read more on Vocal Media, 2Trill Mag, and Limitless Mag.

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Anthony Cherry – “Heavenly Father” – Heavenly Father is a “Social commentary” Song about social and racial inequality/injustice in America at it’s all time high in the current times of Police killings of Black men and women in america. | IG: @anthonycherryofficial

Balla – “Ghosted” – Balla is a Washington, D.C. native and rising rap artist from Simple City, one of the harshest neighborhoods in D.C. After serving over 7 years in prison and being on the run, Balla is now a free man and turning his pain and rough lifestyle into art through his music. He combines gritty lyrics with high octane trap beats to curate relatable trap music. Good ways to describe his sound is the heart of the hood, Balla is one of one and wants listeners to understand what the ghetto truly goes through by the way of his music. Recent tracks, “Rock N Roll” featuring 1017’s Big Scarr and “Top Opp” featuring rising star Big30 have put him on another level.Also he has been seen with Moneybagg Yo and Snoop Dogg is Los Angeles so he wants fans to stay tuned because he might have a few new hits to drop very soon. Fun facts, he’s a family man and wants to establish a pipeline for the youth of his home city to strive to be better people in life. Attached to this are pics of Balla with Big scarr, Snoopy Dogg, and Moneybagg Yo. Quote from Balla, “Somebody got to put on for Washington, D.C., not just the tourist sites but the trenches. I want to put on for my city and be able to provide them opportunities to grow.” | IG: @Activeballa


Banchie – You are now hypnotized with a new video from Banchie! Check out the new single from Banchie EP “Trance” coming to you soon! It’s available on all media platforms so check it out! Also go check out the video directed by J-Tech and the song produced by J. Patterns. | IG: @jtechtck Banchie @b.a.n.c.h.i.e

BIA – Bianca Miquela Landrau, known professionally as Bia, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and model who debuted on the Oxygen reality television show Sisterhood of Hip Hop. She signed to Pharrell’s I Am Other record label, in partnership with RCA Records in 2014. | IG: @bia

Big Bushgi – “Stupid” – A great new fresh face on the music scene, Big Bushgi formerly known as solardon, is giving music what it’s been missing. Through highs & lows that come with the dynamic of the industry’s whirlwind, this creator has been working nonstop perfecting the craft. From learning music in church with his talented family members who taught him about harmony, melody, and music notes as well as playing instruments like the keyboard & drums to gospel hymns sung by choirs, Big Bushgi’s fascination with music grew. He continued to learn on his own, plus teach himself new concepts of arranging music outside of just the gospel genre, which led to him to land a producing deal with miekj productions which turned out to be Jerk’em records. He has also produced for industry artists such as the omg girls gunplay game juicy j 821 etc. Check out his new hit single “Stupid” now and stay tuned for more heat from Big Bushgi! | IG: @Bigbushgi.pmr

Boorook – “Inner Guidance” – Boorook’s new record Inner Guidance is from a spiritual place on a cultural level with uplifting vibes which are a reflection of his altruistic intentions of creating positive music & an entire evolution Of Sound In 2021! Boorook’s crossover style of his own is infused with indigenous Rap, R&B, and soulful Pop/Electro versatile sound, socially conscious lyricism, intensely audible emotion, & absolutely unbreakable spirit to raise the universal consciousness to move the mind, body, and soul. As thought-provoking as it is uplifting, as unique as it is unifying, as endearing as it is entertaining – the songs he’s written for his new album have been created in a sincere effort to generate exactly what the title implies – Inner Guidance | IG: @Boorook3

Breadbaggg Jones – “Water Runnin” – Water runnin is a street certified single from Breadbaggg Jones. It’s catchy it raspy and it’s a whole new wave of music. From the vvs dripping like water running to a brand new wave being compared to water runnin. Check out this dope joint now! | IG: @BreadBagggjones9

Choir Boi Cartier – Popularly recognized as Detroit’s King of R&B, Choir Boi Cartier is an inspiring, talented musician, songwriter, singer, and rising star. Solidifying his name and image in the community, he rose to the next level upon his radio release of his fan-favorite “Ferrari” on Hot 107.5, a top hip hop station based in Michigan. His newest featuring release “Can’t Wait” by Detroit Lou, Millie Bandz, and the Detroit King of R&B himself is capturing the attention of fans. Like with every song, Choir Boi Cartier blesses the beat with his vocals. Stay tuned for more music on the way. | IG: @choir_boi_cartier 

Chris Cart3r – “Makaveli” – Last month Kansas City’s CHRIS CART3R and collaborator GetItRogers release their second single together “Makaveli” along with visuals. The track’s fire flow unleashes a raw confidence and intensity from both artists. “Makaveli” is a follow up to fan favorite “Beachfront” ft. GetItRogers which landed CART3R his first ever premiere at EARMILK.com and hard hitter single, “Dame Time”. Check out the official video for “Makaveli” here. | IG: @chriscart3rmusic

D.Denzel – “Spanish Girl” – Rising artist D.Denzel blesses us with a hot new album titled “Welcome To The Jngl”, which is available on his website: https://welcometothejngl.com His new album encompasses the amalgamation message and movement (LYOW) “Lead Your Own Way!”. Check it out now along with his hit single “Spanish Girl”.  | IG: @D.Denzel38 

DHS – “How it Is” ft. Kalif – Out of West Philadelphia, Mr. Mossberg Banga who’s an entrepreneur is the founder and owner of the record label Hilltop Coalition Entertainment. Determined to put out good music as a solo artist he also took the initiative to keep his close friends/family alongside him along the way. Mr. Banga has been one fourth of the group Dark Hustlaz Society for the past decade and a half. The group is composed of Mr. Banga, L Crock, Loc, Sam G, and the late J Curtis who was called home from his savior 7 years ago. Ever the multi-taskers, DHS (Dark Hustlaz Society) is on a mission to affect change to bring the sound back to the hilltop the mecca of Philadelphia hip-hop where it started. Artists like Steady B, Cool C, DJ Tap Money, man Called Lux, E Marbles and JoJo, Da Youngstas, and many more The Great LG the Teacher has inspired. Gold and Platinum hits consistently is a destination DHS will have to keep alive with the help The Great LG the Teacher son Quaraan Goodman (QBALL). EP’s coming soon!!!!! Check out “How it Is” ft. Kalif now!!! | IG: @MrBanga63_real_mosbergbanga

Dremon – “The EP” – Albuquerque, New Mexico has a star in the clutch with artist and actor Dremon. As he captures a new and refreshing sound using catchy hooks, trendy verbiage and smooth flowing verses. Dremon has the ability to blend on any playlist with his vase compilation of records. The versatility of his music solidifies his position in the industry. Dremon finds himself on The Source’s People’s choice top independent artist sitting at number 11 with his single “Say Less” and now for his new project “The EP” that dropped August 6th 2021. Coasting with a motivated rally through the worldwide pandemic spreading into 2021 Dremon signed to str8up Entertainment / The Orchard / Sony Music for new horizons doing features with Capadonna, kurupt and many more familiar names in Hip-hop. | IG: @Dremizzie

Feenyx – “Big Stuff” – Formerly Feenyx was Beatty TYMELESS, but like the actual sunbird, he recreated himself and stepped up his game. He transformed from a typical rapper in the pool of artists in Atlanta, to one of the brightest and exciting artists in the whole city. Not only is he the artist, but he engineers his own music, and shoots his own videos. There isn’t a more exciting artist on the come up than The FEENYX. The talented artist delivers a PSA to all the rappers out there that a new sound is among the horizon, anyone in the way will be brought down, Feenyx went away, perfected his sound and the video speaks for itself. | IG: @TheFeenyx

Fiel – “Bubble Up” – Chi-town artist Fiel recently released his newest single, titled “Bubble Up.” The hip-hop/rap single “Bubble Up” is already making waves on social media. The song has already garnered over 250K views on Spotify and is set to become one of the year’s biggest hits in 2021. “Bubble Up” is indeed a fun-to-dance song with lovely lyricism and fantastic music that arrived just in time for summer. Fiel’s powerful lyricism in “Bubble Up” will instantly make you fall in love with the song. It not only has lovely lyricism, but also it is brimming with upbeat music. If you enjoy listening to the vehement and thoughtful piece, this should be on your playlist. | IG: @FielKent

Focus – “Fake Friends” – People are out for any bag including yours and can care less about you. Truthfully, they dont even know you. “Fake Friends”. | IG: @FocusOnLife12 

Fros-T – “Don’t Go To Sleep” – Fros-TPortland based artist Fros-T is a conscious Hip-Hop rapper with lyrical depth. His music shines bright and reminds listeners that whatever it is they are going through they are not alone. Fros-T is an artist to keep your eye on! | @Fros_t_pdx

FS Kell – “Pain Letter” – Pain Letter is one of my favorite songs. The reason why I like it a lot is because I really took my time and crafted my lyrics and it was mainly focused on my current situation and my brother passing away. It’s definitely a song meant to touch hearts that I feel is going thru similar situations that I’ve dealt with in my past and present. I actually cried to this song. It’s not just a song to me it’s like a real “pain letter” lol I feel like everyone in the world should hear this track, it’s dope! | IG: @FS.Kell 

GG CMals – “Bangin” – 1924 Music Group artist GG CMal’s “Bangin”is concepts of my lifestyle being a Crip and understanding what it is to be real Active gang member trying to better his life but the things I had to do to survive in the streets. I’m not glorifying it but I’m bringing some real ism to my life until you lived in my shoes you have no idea what it’s like to be me so I tell it in my story! | IG: @gg_cmals

Hab – “Prosper” – Hab is taking over the rap game with his new hit single titled “Prosper”. This joint is str8 fiah! Check it out now and keep your eye on Hab as he’s quickly rising to the top! | IG: @Habholic_

Harmini – “This Changes Everything” – This year is one of great influence and achievements for the Texas-based Christian artist. With surprises on the way, Harmini is currently in the spotlight in his category. He has gained his fame from his master singing and rapping skills, acting, and impact in the entertainment industry. Releasing a new single each month, his impact is becoming a global movement. “Texas Kill City” feat. Mell took the stage, as it is the main soundtrack for the film ‘Texas Kill City’ as well, which Harmini plays a prominent supporting role in. | @Harmini731 

Harp0x: Based in the west coast, the hip hop/rap artist is also an entertainment journalist, songwriter, singer, and just about any role a true creative is capable of. “I’ve always known music. It was always in me, but I did not realize my potential until 2009, and I started to take it serious,” he explains. | IG: @harp0x

Jaey London – “Trapfro Freestyle” – “Trapfro Freestyle” is the ultimate combination of the best of both worlds composed in one song. A perfect blend of Trap and Afrobeats. Jaey London’s melodic but yet rhythmic and catchy approach carries this song to new heights. We believe Jaey London’s new revolutionary sound is here to stay! | IG: @jaeylondon

Jared “MK Zulu” Bailey – “Mamba Mentality” – Mamba Mentality is dedicated to those inspired by the life and drive of Kobe Bryant. Whether you’re a ball player, businessman, or something in between, Mamba Mentality will motivate you to take your grind to the next level. Featuring DMV turned LA native ferg.JP, Mamba Mentality features a myriad of clever lines, addictive melodies, and lush, subtle horn chords. | IG: @mkzulumusic

Journey Montana – “Forget Me” – Journey Montana is hands down the next R&B star to break into mainstream music scene. With her latest video and single “Forget Me” premiering on BET Jamz, she is elevating at the highest level of her career. “Forget Me” is a record about a love that is lost but the memories of what was forever lives on. Journey gives descriptive details about giving her best and it not being enough while reminding listeners that when love is real you can’t just forget about a person. She has an immense talent that will be captivated by the world in no time. Tap in with Journey Montana and stream her “Forget Me” single. | IG: @journeymontana 

Judaea – “Rollin” – “Rollin” is about being in a free energetic state with someone you vibe with on all good levels. “Rollin” talks about the fun & electricity of just riding out with your boo, or homies you love while basking in the moment with the drop top down, the sun glistening off your skin, the fresh smell of summer & your hair blowing in the wind. When you’re with someone that vibrates on the same level as you, you two become unstoppable & the night feels like an endless amount of possibilities. | IG: @judaeav

K Slug – “Quarantine Flow” – K Slug is opening up his Ep. “Quarantine Flow” for the world to tune into and its definitely a good addition to the playlist. With records like “Level Up” and “Drip Season” featuring Philly’s top carrier Quilly, K Slug keeps showing improvement in his craft with every record. 5 solid vibes with a major feature following his 2020 project “The Beginning”, which was rated a 9 out of 9 on HipHopsince1987.com I can’t wait to see what his next album will hit us with. K Slug always voicing the struggles of the inner city and also being able to switch it up when you need that drip. His voice will capture you with a unique style that matches the vibe of each record showing he can blend on multiple styles and genres of music. Check out “Quarantine Flow” now! | IG: @Ksluggg

Kemini – “Be Like Wayne” – Kemini is back with a hot new single titled “Be Like Wayne”. Make sure you check it out now and follow him on IG for his new releases. Kemini is definitely an artist you want to keep your eye on in 2021!| | IG: @YouHeardKemini

Larell – The Christian music artist inspires and entertains. He is known for his distinct creativity, and even though he is not trying to be ‘no lyrical king’, Larell is just that.With surprise projects releasing this year, we are eager to see the rise of Larell. | IG: @1larell

Lil Bonez & King Trip – “Do Me Wrong” ft. The Game & KendalYB – Check out the new single from Lil Bonez & King Trip titled “Do Me Wrong” featuring The Game & KendalYB. This record is featured on their recently released collaboration album titled “Plottin’ On Gettin’ Rich”, which is now available on all digital platforms. | @KidEspinoza 

lkay C. – ”The Underground Prestige” – Turkish rapper Sayedar and American rapper Ilkay C. released the first part of their big collab album ”The Underground Prestige” produced by L.O.B., and cut by Dj Flash. This worldwide project comes with a lot of great and legendary features! We can find Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, Ill Bill of Non-Phixion and La Coka Nostra, Esoteric of Czarface, Blaq Poet, and Beni-Hana on the first joint kicking verses doper than intravenous drugs, just like we would expect of such underground legends. Ilkay C. improved a lot and made friends all over the globe to connect the Hip-Hop culture and bring it back to its roots. And, of course, he still slays the beats with lyrical artillery and presents impeccable game with an unforgettable style. | IG: @ilkaycoriginal

M2thak – “Speak” – M2thak is back with another banga! The celebrity YouTube prankster, social media influencer and rapper continues to impress in his new release “Speak”. M2thak gained popularity for original public pranks and social experiments and is considered one of the pioneers of the platform. He is also signed to SODMG Records and has been a confidant and business partner to Soulja Boy since 2008. With all the experience in the social media world, M2thak is now the director of brand partnerships and influencer operations for Monster Inc. M2thak is truly the goat and someone you definitely want to get familiar with. Check out his new release “Speak” now! | IG: @M2thakshow

Malik Rose – “Live Like This” – This song is a jazzy interlude in which I’m finally celebrating some of my life success, and of course I’m still talking my shit (respectfully). I’m beyond grateful to have made it this far. | IG: @malikrosemusic

Nash Boogie – “Work It Out” – After dropping the smash single & visual for “I Shot Bill Gates.” Nash boogie has teamed up with super producer PA Dre once again for the newest visual entitled “Work it out” shot by Pylit John. Nash has been busy lately after dropping 2 records on producer Juelz White’s compilation “Draft Day,” as well as resuming tour with Larry June. The collaborative album “Event 201” with producer PA Dre is set to drop late September early October and features RJ Payne, L-Biz, Brizz Rawsteen & more. Stay tuned! | IG: @NashIsnpire

Newbreednye – “Bosses” – Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret Better Yet Known As “New Breed Nye“ Drops Off Crazy Banger Called “ Bosses”. New Breed Nye Has Made His Impact In The Industry By Creating A Divine Lane That Only He Can Survive In. From Turning A Movie Theater Into A Venue & Selling It  Out During A Pandemic, To Billboards Of Him Being Displayed Around The Atlanta Metro Area. New Breed  Nye Is Definitely One That The Industry & Fans From All Over Are Gravitating To By The Day . It Won’t Be Long Now Before We See Him On Major Stages Across The World. | IG: @NewBreedNye 

Nuskiiiii – “Practice”- The song whole vibes is just a song that flows and gives you a detail understanding what’s going on in a mind of young adult from uptown Philly  with his lyrics and punchlines. | IG: @1nuskiiiii

P Kellz – “No Hablo Ingles” – Popular South Carolina artist “P Kellz“ is on the rise in the Carolinas! With his fire hot last year of 2020, P Kellz is ready to take flight in 2021 & make his way into mainstream status. Losing his Mother & Grandmother within 4 months due to COVID-19, this lit a fire under P Kellz & his motivation is now what you would call “Through The Roof”. His 2020 Album “Forever” is still on fire and his upcoming Album “Adjust The Energy” will be one for the ages. P Kellz is definitely an artist to watch for 2021 & beyond. | IG: @kellzdalitty1

Poncho Biggs – “Like That” – PONCHO BIGGS is a rapper coming from Chicago. To say that he was born to do this is an understatement.  He made his first rap at age 3 and has consistently been writing since age 5.  His latest release is definitely some heat and it’s titled, “Like That”.  This is a song that a lot of people can relate to.  Poncho Biggs is bringing a different vibe and energy because it’s the first song that he released after taking some time to work on his craft.  The song is about him identifying who he is and how he’s coming.  It lets you know that Poncho Biggs is confident about who he is and what he does.  “Like That” gives us that reminder that we sometimes need when we’re facing different situations and we gotta come with it.  People are definitely rocking with it.  For those who haven’t heard it, go check it out.  “Like That” on all music platforms and the video is on YouTube by way of Xxelulous Music Group and 300 Entertainment’s Distribution, Sparta.  Stay locked in because Poncho Biggs is definitely coming for what’s his! | IG: @PonchoBiggs

Rahn Harper – Portland based artist Rahn Harper has been building momentum all 2021. With the release of his new EP “Bugs Bunny” he has been making waves across the music industry. With his melodic tone and lyrical ability Rahn Harper is an artist to keep your eye on! | IG: @rahnharper

RaleighSmoov – Honing in his talents on both the genres of Hip-Hop and R&B, RaleighSmoov recites his life  experiences and passion for music through his intricate and heartfelt wordplay. Emotionally-provocative wordplay highlighting the turbulence of modern life. NC-based rapper and  artist. Next in the pipeline is a forthcoming five track EP to give listeners an introduction to his music. | IG: @raleighsmoov919

Royce Navelle – “Story of Oddboy” – Rising artist Royce Navelle aka Oddboy is back with a hot new single titled “Story of Oddboy”. This is a story about a kid lost in a world so normal tryna make his way back home. Not fitting in, always sticking out. Check it out now and follow him on IG for his latest releases. | IG: @33Oddboy33 

Royce Navelle – “Story of Oddboy” – Royce Navelle aka Oddboy returns with a hot new single titled “Story of Oddboy”. His new release is a story about a kid lost in a world so normal tryna make his way back home. Not fitting in, always sticking out. This joint is str8 fiah! Check it out now! | IG: @33Oddboy33

Scoobee Oh Boy – “Chapo” – Up and coming musician ‘Scoobee Oh Boy’ has been a staple in the state’s Hip Hop community for several years. Born in Ivory Coast – he not only represents Africa he is also growing roots here in the state’s capital of Des Moines. He’s tying two regions together to create a transatlantic connection in the world of Hip Hop and Rap. | IG: @scoobeeohboy

Shai Coke – Detroit native Shai Coke is a rising rap and hip/hop artist who is notorious for dropping song after song and project after project. His collaboration with Bandgang Masoe takes the spotlight right now, titled “Lionhearted”. The skilled artist has more music on the way. | IG: @shaicoke

Shai VA – “Basketball” – Shai VA is a rising artist from Fredericksburg, Virginia who has been gaining crazy momentum independently worldwide. He is the creator of the Sub Genre “Trap Conscious Musik“ with his new song “Basketball” reaching over 10 million people on TikTok. Shai VA is impacting and inspiring kids all over to do what they love, which is hoop. With the pace the song is on, ShaiVA is destined to be a household name in the music industry. He has partnered with Bentley Records, TK Management, Universal (protect artist) DJ Bander, Kam Nasty and more. | IG: @shaiva_23

Tesher – Hitesh Sharma, known professionally as Tesher, is a Canadian-Indian rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is best known for his singles “Young Shahrukh” and “Jalebi Baby”, both released in 2020. A remix version of “Jalebi Baby” was released in 2021 with Jason Derulo. | IG: @tesherrr

Tio Taylor – “FTR” (For the Road) – 1924 Music Group (Waleed Bilal/ Dove Clark of Fly like Dove/ Bandwagon Staters) artist Tio Taylor has a hit in his hands with his new “Voodoo” single.Voodoo song from Tiotaylors FTR (for the road) Mixtape, has a euphoric feeling sonically. The song mentions a girl that’s so addicting that it almost might be voodoo, he mentions that he already left but the frequent visits tend to uncontrollably happen. Things are known to go left between them but he explains that he doesn’t want to complicate things. | IG: @Tiotaylor_ 

Young Zerka – Hailing from Albania, this European star has released international hits such as “Like Rihanna” and “Harem” with other collaborations with mainstream featuring artists. Accumulating  views and streams in the hundreds of millions, Young Zerka is a familiar face and voice worldwide. His Albanian identity fused with Jamaican vibes is his most star distinct. Young Zerka is one of the first Albanian born and based artists to be featured on The Source Magazine, as he officially enters the American music industry. His most recent release “Sorry” feat. Alandy is a glimpse of his upcoming album ‘Part of Me’. Released on Thisis50, Young Zerka claimed his spot on Sounds of the Summer chart.| IG: @youngzerka 

This fall’s chart consisted of artists specializing in hip hop, pop, and just about any genre in the musical spectrum, with some creating their own version. Nominators of selected artists include Trillest Entertainment, Elite Media Networks, Denisa Debocci, and more top label executives, magazines, and media professionals.