North Carolina’s Lil’ C. Corleone is proving to many that he can run with the elite spitters of the industry with his performance of the Dej Loaf “Changes” Remix! Corleone’s clever punchlines and wordplay combined with his ability to sing smooth R&B melodies at the end of the song is evidence that the underrated talent will soon blossom into mainstream success.

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Christopher LeMarc Peterson (Born February 3, 1991), better known by his stage name Lil’ C. Corleone, is an upcoming American rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Smithfield, North Carolina. Coming from humble beginnings and being a hard worker, the North Carolina spitter is ready to show why he’s next. When it comes to knowing the origins of an artist, name recognition is a story we all love. Lil’ C. Corleone began his musical journey in 2003 and originally chose the stage name “Lil’ C”, with the letter “C” being the initial letter to his first name. The “Lil” was influenced by artists such as Lil’ Romeo and Lil’ Bow Wow. As to why he calls himself Lil’ C. Corleone, he later added the name “Corleone” due to his love for “The Godfather” movie, and its popular character Michael Corleone. Giving some insight he explains “Corleone lived by many principles that I follow such as loyalty, honesty, and the code of silence.” Lil’ C. Corleone is becoming a sensation online as one of his freestyles racked up over a million views on Facebook. And His latest single, Product is already making waves on social media as it garners the attention of many rap fans.

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