Can you imagine H.E.R., Kehlani, and Zendaya all in a band together?

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Ahead of her performance at the OzyFest, H.E.R. did a virtual interview and shared that she almost started a band with some of our favorite entertainers of today.

“Dylan Wiggins, who is D’Wayne Wiggins’s son from Tony! Toni! Toné! – we used to be in a band together,” the Grammy and recent Oscar winner said. “We used to perform together when we were really young and Kehlani was actually in our band. We all used to sing together. Zendaya was going to be in it at one point. But yeah, they all grew up together. I came into the picture in Oakland and we used to perform together.”


Watch the full interview below:

Longtime fans of Zendaya know that she’s a talented singer and her debut Disney role, Shake It Up, had some musical components.

The actress also released a single titled “Replay” and sang alongside Zac Efron in The Greatest Showman.

Hearing H.E.R., Zendaya, and Kehlani on a track together would certainly be a treat. But the thought of this supergroup is wishful thinking in 2021.

H.E.R. is gearing up for her debut album and just virtually performed at the OzyFest alongside Chance The Rapper and Seven Streeter, with highlighted speakers including, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Mark Cuban, and Condoleeza Rice.

Kehlani must’ve been one of many artists in T-Pain’s DMs because they released a collaboration called “I Like Dat.”

Meanwhile, Zendaya is preparing to voice Lola Bunny for LeBron James’ Space Jam reboot.