The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors are set for a play-in game, which is so far the most anticipated match-up of the NBA season. Ahead of the clash of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, and Stephen Curry, the King tips his hat to the effort of The Chef, picking him as MVP.

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“I mean, just look at what he’s done this year,” James said to ESPN. “I don’t know anything else if you’re looking for an MVP. If Steph is not on Golden State’s team, what are we looking at?”

In a game against the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday, Curry secured the scoring title with an average of 31.8 points.


James added, “We get caught up in the records sometimes. We get caught up in the, OK, who has the best record, instead of just saying who had the best season that year. And Steph has had, in my opinion, the best season all year.”

Do you agree with LeBron picking Steph for MVP?