Hair Barrettes-The old-school hair staple is all over Instagram, holding back hair and bundles of bloggers, famous hairstylists, and celebrities.  The difference this time around is that they are slightly oversized and placed right on the side of the hairline. Glam, yet perfect for when its time to hit the streets. Laying on a couple of hair clips this summer can instantly create a chic look with little to no effort.  Before you leave the house, drop them into your hair bag or pop them in your pocket. They will come in handy and and sometimes the solution to a ‘what am I gonna do with my hair moment.’ They will be just what the hair god’s call for in a summer pinch.  

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How to wear the look without looking like your 12? Take a look at our favorite celeb hair clip moments and our tips to keeping it grown and sexy.

We took our style notes from JT from the City Girls who keeps it glam by pairing high end pieces with street styles and silhouettes.   

JT keeps in the designer family with a Miu Miu hair clip
  • Stacking your barrettes are also a great way to wear this look. 
  • Playing up the crowded style with assorted shapes, colors, materials, and patterns can make all the difference. 
  • Have fun! They are accessories and guess what? If you don’t like it you can simply take them off.

Lizzo at the 2021 Grammy’s 

Ming Lee Simmons in a candid shot with her mom Kimmora Lee Simmons and sister Aoki Simmons

Chrissy Teigen with goes matchy matchy in pink