Former drug kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross recently sat down with Shirley Ju on the Shirley’s Temple podcast where the two discussed multiple topics. Among the list was Rick Ross’s decade-long feud with the rapper Rick Ross. According to Freeway, he believes that Rozay still avoids him to this day.

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“I think he avoids me. He avoids me,” said Freeway. “A couple of times, I went to places that he was supposed to be and he disappeared. He was nowhere to be found. I reached out to him too, I tried to make amends. I told him that if we worked together, we probably could help more people. But then he went on The Breakfast Club and dissed me. I really was more disappointed with The Breakfast Club because they didn’t invite me on to refute what he said about me.”

The two also talked about the hit TV show Snowfall, which is loosely based on Ross’s rise to the top of the drug game in South Central L.A. in the late ’80s. He said that the show stole his story and that he and John Singleton were working on a movie before his death.


“They stole my life story, that’s my life story,” he said. “They stole my story, yeah. It’s a fact. John Singleton and I was supposed to be working on a movie and the movie is [still] finna come out. We finna start casting for the movie right now.”

Later in the interview, he explained further. “It’s so much to it. It’s my story and they’re benefitting off it,” he said. “I’m not benefitting.”

You can watch the full interview below.