Failure is one of the most prevalent fears that humankind struggles to overcome throughout their lives. However, failure is an outcome that everyone experiences in life. Is it, therefore, rational that people are scared of something inevitable? Jason Humble opines that failure is not the main concern; the haunting consequences are the reason why fear shackles people.

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Jason Humble is the CEO of Humble Capital Group and sits on the board of Precious Dreams Foundation. Jason believes in embracing fear and letting it fuel your dreams and passions. Having grown up in foster care, Jason recalls that fear has been a constant in his life. He has nurtured his desire to help young people get educated and provide foster children with bedtime necessities for a comfortable sleep.

Fear is necessary and needed, says Jason. He continues to explain that he welcomes and accepts fear with open arms. However, he makes sure to be the first one to attack, which is how he has built his life and successes. Jason Humble believes that you have power over your fears, those who attack fear and adversity win.


Fear is a valid emotion that can prove beneficial if you don’t hide from it. Jason says that it helps you take a step back, look at the big picture, and plan a course of action. Fear, like many things in life, takes time to overcome. To achieve your goals, you begin cultivating and accumulating habits that drive you there. Similarly, to embrace your fears and overcome them, you need to work at them. Jason recommends that you start slow and ease yourself into it to prevent an overload that further sets you back.

Jason Humble also adds that facing your fears helps you grow as a person. This is requisite for success. Therefore, to get to the level of accepting your fears with open arms, you need to start learning how and cultivating the habits of people who have succeeded.

Pick yourself off the ground where fear left you, dust yourself off, and attack your fears!