There’s something about a beautiful blended wig when done right, I am instantly obsessed with wanting to know everything about it. Where’d you get your wig?  Do you mind me asking what glue you use? Did you do it yourself? Do you have a stylist? And if so who is it? (I know it’s alot but I take the chance). It takes skill and lots of practice to get your wig to look like it grew out of your scalp.  When installed right, they can look so real you won’t believe the baby hairs swooped didn’t come from the scalp

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I prefer to leave it to the professionals, but know that when it comes to hair most people will try anything at least once. I see y’all on TikTok bleaching knots, trimming baby hairs and precision cutting lace.  And when someone gets it right, you gotta give them their hair goddess props.  So when we saw Big Latto on instagram showing her process, we had to share it with you. Her wigologist, Lace Assassin gets all her flowers for installing such amazing wigs on Latto not just this one but all or most of them. Take a look at the magic she creates, and hopefully will inspire you to practice your installation skills or just admire this fabulous pink wig laying from afar.  

Latto’s pink unit was a custom-made lace wig from Kendra’s Boutique.  Lace Assassin installed the wig using Bold Hold Liquid Gold a glueless holding product and used a scarf to lay it down until the hair was completely dry. She then flat ironed the hair to form the voluminous curls and created the swoops of the baby hairs with a small brush.  See below for the process and check out the full video HERE.

With the wig cap before the wig is installed
Applying the glueless Gel
Curling the wig to create volume
Big Latto showing us the results and that Liquid Gold really works
The Final look