Lindsey Abbuhl is facing neglect and abuse complaints. The Ohio mother has allegedly fabricated a story where he daughter was terminally ill for financial gains. Police believe that Abbuhl has been using the funds for trips, housing, and other luxuries.

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According to CNN, the platform GoFundMe is working to return over $4000 to donors. The GoFundMe link is also no longer active at this time. Ese Esan, communications manager for GoFundMe mentioned, “We are working with local law enforcement officials, and we will continue to support the investigation. Fundraisers with misuse are very rare, and if misuse of funds takes place on GoFundMe, donors are protected, and their donations are refunded.”

Investigators with the Stark County Department of Job and Family Services report that Abbuhl’s child showed no signs of a physical illness following a forensic interview on May 14th. Reports also claim that Abbuhl, sent her daughter to counseling for three years to learn how to process her own death, where Abbuhl, would tell the counselor who left for maternity leave that her daughter may not be alive after the counselor’s return.


Paul Kelly, Abbuhl’s attorney tells CNN  “We are continuing to collect all of the facts on this case and my client adamantly asserts her innocence in this matter.”

“Once we’ve gathered all of the factual evidence, we will begin preparing our defense and may wish to address the media at that time,” he continued.

The child has been taken into the temporary custody of the Stark County Department of Job and Family Services and allowed to be seen by her father, Jamie Abbuhl only during court-ordered visitation. According to Jamie Abbuhl, he was not allowed  “to participate in any medical decisions” by ex-wife Lindsey. He also claims to have no access to any of his daughter’s medical records.