The music industry has long felt like the Wild West, a plain that feels unconquered, dangerous, and novel no matter how many folks have already blazed the trail. It’s an exciting prospect for new musicians, but one that also causes great uncertainty. After all, it’s an industry that has been historically hard to break into, a viper that preys on those who naively stumble into its nest with no one to back them up yet. However, new French musician Vincent Zirah is largely unconcerned and unbothered by this, a plan to take on this ornery industry firmly in place. 

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Said plan involves a heady and effective 1-2 approach. The first part of this relies heavily on his experiences not as a creator of music but as someone who helps thousands listen to it. It turns out, long before the rising music-maker started laying down tracks, he was laying down code for his own original site called Infigroove

Infigroove started out as a small digital music and video platform that sought to bring a premium experience to listeners all without the premium price commonly associated with it. It made Vincent Zirah something of a pioneer at the time, especially with the service being built on an algorithm crossing Youtube with music databases, marrying video and audio like days long gone. Few were doing that at the time, and it instantly made Infigroove – and its founder – stand out in the fast-becoming crowded market. 


Today, Infigroove is bigger than ever, offering its thousands of users all over the globe access to millions of songs with no credit card, advertisements, skip limits, or track restrictions attached. It has been a long, oftentimes bumpy ride to the top, but it’s given Vincent Zirah a wealth of knowledge. He now deeply understands those who are listening to music – what their preferences are in style, how they like to consume their media, and what they both expect and look for in track – and he now applies that knowledge to his own songs, creating music that’s fun, universal, engaging, and makes for easy listening. 

Yet the Geniuslix’s CEO also manages to leverage his unfamiliarity with the other side of the music industry to his advantage. As a relative newcomer, he’s unafraid to play around, experiment, and break the mold many others feel trapped within. He takes big risks and they seem to be more than paying off. His recent releases “Better Mood” and “Evolution” are clear representations of this. 

The former track is fun, happy, and cheery without feeling overly shallow, and pop-y while still providing a unique signature flair that’s sometimes missing from our current top charts. There’s a killer hook and chorus there that just begs to be sung, whether mumbled along with in a crowded bar or belted out during long summer drives. It’s simply a feel-good tune, but one with depth thanks to its nostalgia-inducing guitar, piano melody, and warm male vocals. 

“Evolution” is a very different type of song than “Better Mood,” with Vincent Zirah zeroing in on a more electronic style that features a female vocalist, powerful drops, steady bass, and a more emotional mood. It still retains that same catchiness, though, and feels both familiar and fresh in equal measures. If these are the result of the Infigroove owner’s initial foray into the music industry, there’s no doubt he’ll soon come out on top just like he did with his streaming platform. We’ll have to wait and see. But with a third single called “Freedom” coming out soon, we won’t be left waiting long.

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