Stevie J and his kids have taken their talents to WeTV.

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The Grammy-winning producer and reality TV star have made a career for himself in reality TV after being a Hall of Fame cast member of Love & Hip-Hop. While he plans to take a backseat in the newest season of Growing Up Hip-Hop, it is all about Savannah and Stevie Jr.

Fresh from receiving his college degree from Rider University, Stevie Jr. is reaping the benefits with his new crib. It was a mere graduation gift from his pops.


On the other hand, Savannah has moved to Los Angeles after living in Atlanta. Both her dad and brother are more curious about her lifestyle and choices. While she’d rather prefer them to mind their business, she is confident in her next business venture: her clothing line.

The line is called The Good Vibe, where she produces streetwear fashion. She feels as if LA is the perfect place to create a notable brand as oppose to ATL.

Stevie Jr. is following in the footsteps of his pops by taking on music production. While he hasn’t fully put the professional hoop dreams to bed, he is shifting his time and focus to music now. The younger Stevie played Division 1 basketball while attending Rider University.

He recently landed his first placement with Sniper Gang’s Blockboy and Def Joaf.

As for their dad, viewers can bet on not seeing much of the multi-platinum producer during this season of Growing Up Hip-Hop. He says his role is more of a facilitator to assure his kids are doing the right thing.

Check out the Jordan family on Growing Up Hip-Hop, every Thursday at 9 pm ET on WeTV.