Social media sensation Tabitha Brown will be feeding more than our bellies this summer. In her upcoming book Feeding The Soul, Brown will be sharing warm life lessons with the world.

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After a year of writing her first book, the North Carolina native revealed it’s officially done. In an emotional Instagram post, the vegan star shared the news with her followers.

“My 1st book is finally here. Pre-order now! Link in bio. Omg family my first book is finished. I did it!!! God did it!! OOOHHH GOD I THANK YOU.” Brown continued. “Thank y’all so much for your love and support!!!! OMG!!!! Pre-Order now at the link in my bio or click here: Official release date 9/28 Thank you @harpercollins for this amazing blessing!!”


Now available for presale, Feeding The Soul will hit stores on September 28. Brown’s book will share stories from her own life and include the catchphrases rooted in love and realness that have helped her win the hearts of people across the internet. A description of the book on the Harper Collins website gives readers insight into Brown’s new book.

“Tabitha doesn’t just spout inspirational platitudes. She roots her lessons in stories about her own life, career, faith, and family in this down-to-earth book, all structured around Tab’s catchphrases that her fans know and love.”