Spring is here and even though masks have to stay on in most of the country, people are outside and slowly returning to normal springtime social activities. This season is all about bright, bold, colors and fun patterns!

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Rose Gold

Superstar and mega-fashionista Lizzo turned heads with her jaw-dropping photos form her recent photoshoot in Las Vegas. While she didn’t wear clothes for many of the shots, she did rock some fabulous rose gold nails- one of spring’s hottest trends. Rose gold isn’t just versatile, but can work with any nail shape or length. While you might not have access to Lizzo’s amazing stylists and beauty team, Dazzle Dry’s Starstruck provides full rose gold metallic coverage.

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Cartoon-Inspired Designs

One of hip-hop artist Megan Thee Stallion’s most iconic looks has been her Demon $layer $et, a bright combination of green and black checkered designs on the thumb, pointer finger, and pinkie finger contrasting with a dual-nail anime design on the inner two. Complex designs such as these work best on longer nails.

IMG 2343
Megan Thee Stallion

Barbie Pinks

Take a page from Nicki Minaj and create your own Barbie look with bright pinks that stand out on their own, but are still versatile with almost any look, such as Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Pink Up. If the Barbie pink is too basic, add a single nail emphasis such as zebra stripes, sparkles, or a white nail with a complimentary design. Barbie pinks colors tend to work best on blunt shorter square or coffin-shaped nails.

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Photo by @amkuch15

Lady in White

Always a pinnacle of sophistication and elegance, Beyonce is called Queen not just for hew music, but for her impeccable fashion and beauty skills including the basic white nails that she rocked for her spring Adidas campaign on Instagram. Basic white nails work on any nail shape. If you’re looking to mix it up, add a paisley pattern to one or two on each hand.  Olive and June’s HD (which is named after Haylie Duff) is an affordable and long-lasting bright white.

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Seaworthy Sparkles

Saweetie has such as strong nail game that her nail designs have their own Instagram story.  A deep blue-green sparkle is perfect for the beach (or when you wish you were at the beach). You can keep this look simple for shorter nails or bling it out with some extra gems like Saweetie did on her mega-long nails.


Abstract Mix-up

The last year has been chaos, so anything goes this spring! Mix it up with colors, patterns, sparkles, rhinestones. Sally Beauty offers some great temporary patterns and nail art for people who aren’t sure about committing to a design for more than a few days. There’s no rules, but one golden rule- this is your season to shine, ladies!

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Photo by @DippyCowNails

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