Back in 2018, basketball fans eagerly awaited LeBron James’ announcement of what team he would be playing for after leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for a second time. At the time, the 76ers, Knicks, and Lakers were all potential teams. While James would end up bringing his talents to the west coast, the Lakers were not his first choice.

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Lisa Robinson, a journalist for Vanity Fair, recently sat down with ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and stated that LeBron had every intention of signing with the Knicks. However, it was his wife Savannah, who objected to it, wanting to move out to LA and have their children go to school on the west coast.

“We heard that LeBron wanted to come to New York. And I have really good sources about this, that he was thinking about coming to New York but that his wife wanted to be in Los Angeles, wanted the kids to go to school in Los Angeles, and that just kiboshed the whole thing,” she said.


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