While there was a lot of back and forth over Romeo and Bow Wow stepping into the Verzuz ring, it seems as though Soulja Boy is willing to take on Bow Wow in the Verzuz ring officially after the rapper made the official announcement on his Twitter.

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“Soulja Boy vs Bow wow #Verzuz it’s official,” the Crank that rapper tweeted. While fans are excited about this match-up, Bow Wow seems to think that this won’t be much competition. The rapper went on his Instagram live to talk numbers.

“Soulja, I have so many No. 1s,” he stated. “If you go on Google right now and you type in ‘Rappers with the most No. 1s,’ you will see Drake first, Eminem, Lil Wayne. I’m on a list with a lot of greats. There ain’t a lot of us.”


In a sit down with Tampa Bay’s 94.1 Soulja Boy stated, “Bow Wow scared of me, man. You see when Romeo said something, he jumped right on it but as soon as they said ‘Big Draco’ name, Bow Wow be quiet as hell making up all types of excuses, man. Bow Wow knows what’s up with me.”

Although Soulja Boy has said it’s official, neither Swizz Beats nor Timbaland has confirmed the battle. Anticipating fans are pulling out the artifacts, as we wait to hear the final say.

Who’s side are you choosing if this Verzuz is finalized?