Leading up to his current success, Devon the Jeweler went through a wide array of experiences that inspired him to launch the empire that he has today. Currently thriving at one location, his store survived COVID and now is ready to continue the momentum it has maintained before the world shut down in 2020. His keen eye for the jewelry trade has positioned him as a leader in his field and his unique knowledge of how, when and why to buy, sell and trade jewelry makes him a go-to jeweler that people can trust to build a relationship with. Making and distributing his own jewelry, he faces certain challenges that have amplified over the past year. To this day, his biggest challenge is theft. He understands that this is the risk of doing business and that unfortunately, people make reckless decisions when they get desperate. This is why he chooses to stay honest with people about the pros and cons of their purchases so that he’s not only selling quality products at a fair price, but also that he is educating his community about the profitability and sustainability of jewelry versus other purchases they might feel like they need to make. Devon’s military background gave him the discipline he needed to grow his business. And his growth proved exponential! His choice to be an entrepreneur allowed him a savings of over $100k by the time he was 33. A natural salesman, we’ve seen Devon’s business expand and we look forward to seeing where it goes throughout the rest of 2021.