Nicki Minaj shows love to Cuban Doll after fans responded to her lyric correction.

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Nicki is back on the scene and back on social media. Over the past couple of weeks, the Queen has enjoyed the success of her new single with Lil Wayne and Drake, “Seeing Green.” In addition, her 2009 breakout mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty is now available on streaming platforms and sold 80K in its first-week release.

It is unequivocal that Nicki is one of the most quotable rappers of all time. Her lyrics live on forever as Instagram captions. Over the weekend, Cuban Doll used one of Nicki’s lyrics from “Crocodile Teeth” remix for an IG caption or at least attempted to.


Cuban wrote, “My type of al wanna know da opps out.” While Cuban misquoted the lyrics, Nicki stepped in to assure that Cuban got it right by correcting her in the comment section.

“Might ten a goal man, I know da opps out,” wrote the Young Money 1st lady.

That sent social media into a frenzy, but the “Fractions” rapper quickly addressed it by showing love to Cuban.

“I hope y’all know I love Cuban,” she said on her IG story. “I was having fun w/her. I don’t try 2 embarrass ppl I f*k wit. That’s corny. I’ll never correct a lyric ever again chile. Boom”

Showing love on social media is one thing, but a collaboration take the love to another level. With Nicki being back on the scene, the possibilities are endless.