It’s ok to get washed by the legends. Last week Lil Wayne appeared on Polo G’s new release, “Gang Gang,” and he went off. So much so, the Chicago rapper had to own up to it.

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“Lol Wayne The Only Ni*ga Eva Walked Me Down On a Song,” Polo shared with fans. “But I definitely need my rematch or sum. It’s crazy tho cuz I take the approach I do in this shit cuz of him…goin From Tryna study The lyrics to actually bein on a song w Em.”

Recently, Wayne been in a groove showing up his collaborators. Nicki Minaj recently spoke on “Seeing Green,” highlighting that Wayne and Drake both got the best of her.


“All I know is they washed me on #SeeingGreen. I’m woman enough to admit when I’ve been washed on a track by the Greats,” Nicki wrote. “It’s ok #Barbz I’ve washed them b4. We’ll live through this one. I was still a lil rusty. I washed them in my head on #Fractions.”

You can hear Wayne’s float on Polo G’s new song below.