Drake has been trending since taking home the Billboard Music Awards Artist of the Decade Award. Now, the rapper is making headlines after being pictured with a “mystery woman”.

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The woman, has now been identified by The Shade Room as one of the rapper’s “life-long employees”. In an Instagram post, the woman known as ms_duran on IG posted a picture seemingly explaining her relationship with the artist.

“Congratulation on Artist of the Decade. It’s been so amazing working with youths last 10 years. You are truly like a brother to me.” wrote ms_duran.

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Twitter Speculations

Although their relationship has been cleared up, some people aren’t buying it. Here’s what social media users are saying about it.

“It’s Drake getting a girlfriend for me, like I’ma just focus on my got damn self. I’m mad asf y’all,” wrote Talyric97.

In response to her tweet, one user replied that ms_duran is reportedly his Drake’s stylist.

“It’s you thinking Drake’s stylist is his girlfriend for me lol and you call yourself a drake fan” wrote JMack87112576.

Some twitter users were also drawing comparisons to the woman in the picture and others he’s dated.

“If that’s Drake’s girlfriend, he really does have a type.” wrote kayinterrupted.

“I think Drake has a girlfriend….not gonna lie…..im kinda jealous” wrote ITsBingyBaby.

“who is supposed to be Drake’s girlfriend? not Louisa … she’s been his staff member for years. that’s the only pic of a white woman I saw.” wrote rinnyssance.

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