Michelle Williams gave fans the closest thing to a Destiny’s Child reunion on social media Wednesday evening.

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In celebration of the release of her new book, Checking In: How Getting Real About Depression Saved My Life — and Can Save Yours, she posted an audio recording of their private conversation.

In Williams’ first clip, she wrote, “Look who checked in yesterday with me!! The only time we’ll let y’all eavesdrop on our group chats!!” She said she “just wanted to check in and see what’s going on,” noting she wanted to be more intentional with checking in with her friends.


Beyoncé replied, “Oh, we love and miss you so much! We’re so proud of you, Mimi! You are so inspirational for both of us — and we just love watching you become exactly who you are and the world [to] see your impact, wisdom, and beautiful advice.”

“Amen!” Rowland added.

Fans got a look at Kelly’s newborn and also got a hint that Beyonce might be working on some new music.

Rowland shared that she was cooking chicken and rice soup and Michelle asked, “B, are you making some musical soup right now?”

“I’m cooking some music — that’s Chef Boyardee and Chef Boy-Kelly,” Beyoncé joked, before adding, “You know I’m editing that s— out.”

Michelle Williams also shared what she hoped fans received from her new book.

“It’s okay to not be okay. and it’s okay to tell somebody you’re not okay,” her singing mate said in response. “I honestly should have done that with y’all. I’ve been open about a lot of things, but I was never really truthful about how I really was. Even though y’all have proven to be safe friends, safe sisters, sometimes people have to know you’re not going to be looked at differently if you say, ‘Y’all, I’ve been really sad too long. Something’s going on.’”