Kylie Jenner has been clearing up her name in the media lately. The youngest of the Kardashian sisters first stepped into the online tea to clear her name after media outlets claimed she and Travis Scott were in an open relationship.

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Now, Kylie is stepping back into the fire to clear her name following a model who alleged that Jenner and her crew bullied her during a music video shoot for Tyga, Jenner’s ex-boyfriend.

“This was like, years and years ago,” the woman said in the video. “One time I was doing a music video and I’ve done a couple in L.A. I was doing a music video for him called ‘Ice Cream Man’ at the time and Kylie was on set with Jordan and Stass and another girl who was assistant I believe. Anyways, as soon as I walked out, she was looking at me up and down, whispering and pointing and making fun of like, how I was dancing. Just making fun of me. Clearly.”


The woman then went on to claim that Tyga’s friends admitted that Jenner was intimidated. “Thank God one of my best friends was there with me on set. Even Tyga’s friends told me she was intimidated so. That’s the time that I met Kylie Jenner and her friends.”

While the woman is sticking to her side of the story, Kylie seems to have a different point of view. “This never happened,” she commented under The ShadeRoom’s post.

“Anyone that knows me personally knows this is a false story. why would i do this. i also love women and would just never intentionally try and put anyone down . ok moving on. lol,” Jenner continued in Hollywood Unlocked’s comments.

Check out the video of the woman’s story here.