The couple’s past has played out in the face of social media in what we know to have had its ups and downs. Like every other celebrity couple, Jayda and Lil Baby have been couple goals to most of their fans. Since the couple’s latest split, Jayda has moved on to re-building her youtube channel and launching her own merch line, “Waydamin merch.”

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Lil Baby has also been elevating since the couple’s split. The Atlanta rap star is molding himself to be one of HipHop’s most influential rappers of all time. While the two share a son together, Loyal Armani, the couple seems to be going out in public with each other again, leading fans to believe that there could have been some sort of reconciliation amongst them.

The two were spotted courtside of the Atlanta Hawks vs. The New York Knicks game. The two being spotted together since their breakup in February had fans shocked, but that wasn’t all. The couple was seen rocking matching Louis Vuitton tops. While Lil Baby wore the matching set, Jayda was seen rocking the crop topped version of the shirt with some camp print pants and a blue Birkin bag. The two seemed to be enjoying each other’s company in a video that spread over the internet.


Would you be here for the power couple getting back together?