The Netherlands is a country with a rich music tradition and plenty of world-class talents. Club music is something the Dutch musicians are best known for in recent years. Some of the most popular Dutch DJs include Martin Garrix, Hardwell, TIesto, Afrojack, and Armin Van Buuren. One young talent who is slowly climbing up the ranks along with big names from the Netherlands is Miloud.

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Miloud, who goes by the name Arobiyo, started his career on Hyves, a social networking site in the Netherlands. This was way back in 2010 when he was only nine years old. Even then, he was keen on creating a personal brand for himself. In fact, Miloud was one of the top 20 most respected personalities on Hyves, which was one of his earliest achievements.

Twitter, another social media site, started to grow during the late 2000s and early 2010s. Miloud carried over his fame from Hyves to Twitter, where he immediately got the same level of success at the age of 11. In the following years, he achieved another milestone as his Twitter account became the first-ever personal account by a teenager in Belgium and the Netherlands.


By the year 2013, Twitter’s popularity has slowly declined due to the rise of other social media platforms. Miloud then took his talents over to Instagram, where he became an instant sensation as well. His constant trending uploads and performances on both Twitter and Instagram became a significant factor in Miloud’s success that he enjoys to this day.

Miloud released his first musical work in April of 2020 and within six months has garnered millions of streams. He is one of the most successful young artists in the global music-streaming platform Spotify, where he has over 21.5k monthly listeners. The 20-year-old singer and musician started making music when he was only 14 but started releasing them only in the year 2020.

It was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic when Miloud decided to release his music through Spotify. It was a very opportune moment as most people were stuck in their homes, giving them plenty of time to be online and look for new and interesting music. A lot of music fans came across Miloud’s work and gave him the much-needed chance to make himself more popular.

To continue his success across social media, Miloud transitioned to creating content on TikTok, which is a social networking service focused on short videos. He occasionally shares snippets of his work through this platform where his following continues to grow. Recently, his account on TikTok got verified, giving him more credibility as a music artist and content creator.

With a desire to do more and be more, Miloud does not rely on his well-established social media presence to make a name for himself. He has other ventures and projects outside the music and the entertainment industry and is constantly rediscovering and rebuilding himself to cement his success. Miloud’s love for his audience keeps him going as he consistently strives to produce unique and quality music for them.

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