The Joe Budden Podcast has moved on without Rory and Mal after the long-tenured tandem moved on due to discrepancies with the host.

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Complex notes the rapper turned podcaster made a comparison from Lil Wayne’s appearance on DMX’s album to the duo.

“I’m happy for Rory and Mal,” Budden said. “I don’t want to stay on them but I’m only bringing it up because of what y’all just said about Wayne. When you get your business together, how it could revitalize you. When I was watching it, the video, and I’ma say it, ‘Oh man, these guys were unhappy here for a long time.’ I’m happy. I want them to do it. Take control. Go, go, go, go. I love that shit.”


Last week, Rory and Mal released a skit that teased a forthcoming project between the two. In the video was Rich Kleiman, Kevin Durant’s business partner and the owner of 35 Ventures, leading fans to believe that’s where the two are headed.

You can hear Budden at the 25-minute mark here.