Kyrie Irving has now become the latest NBA player to have something thrown at them in one week. The Brooklyn Nets beat the Boston Celtics 141-126 to take a 3-1 series lead. After the victory, Irving stepped on the Celtics’ logo at midcourt. He and his teammates then were walking towards the tunnel when a water bottle nearly hit the Nets point guard.

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The fan was later seen in handcuffs, arrested, and apparently banned from TD Garden for life for his actions.

Irving played with the Celtics two seasons ago and didn’t part ways in the best of fashions. Nevertheless, Irving didn’t deserve to have anything thrown at him. This latest incident comes on the heal of three situations just last week.


Russell Westbrook had to be restrained after a fan dumped popcorn on him in Game 2 in Philadelphia. A Knicks fan spit on Trae Young at Madison Square Garden. The Utah Jazz also banned three fans for alleged racist remarks directed at Ja Morant’s family.

The NBA may need to make an example of a fan if this continues to happen at this pace.

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