Many are still picking up their chins after the shocking news that Naomi Osaka is deciding to not participate in the French Open. The successful tennis player took to her social media revealing to fans that she would not be participating in any press leading up to the French Open due to her mental health.

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It was then that the athlete got the news that she would be fined $15K for her decision to not participate in press, leading to Naomi’s overall decision to withdraw from the tournament. Serena Williams, another successful athlete has spoken up for Osaka amid the controversy.

“I feel for Naomi,” she begins. “Not everyone is the same. I’m thick. Other people are thin. Everyone is different and everyone handles things differently.”


“You really have to step forward and make an effort, just as in anything, and say, ‘I need help with A, B, C and D,’ and talk to someone,” she continued. “I think that’s so important to have a sounding board, whether it’s someone at the WTA, or someone in your life, or maybe it’s someone you talk to on a weekly basis.”

Many online feel like Osaka could be getting the same treatment that Williams received over the years, after refusal to bend for the sports industry. “I see Naomi is getting the Serena treatment… By treatment I mean backlash when she doesn’t smile and dance for ppl,” one person tweeted.

“Yup! They’re turning on Naomi Osaka at the slightest inconvenience. Crazy to witness after they propped her up so quickly as the anti-Serena even though they love and support each other. Tennis media/industry is still very nasty,” another user commented.

“I’ve been in that position, too, and I’ve definitely had opportunities to talk to people and just get things off my chest that I can’t necessarily talk about to anyone in my family or anyone I know,” Williams concluded.

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