Soundcloud continues to make monumental moves in its initiative to support up-and-coming and independent artists.

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Repost, the platform’s distribution and creator services division recently announced its latest A&R partnership with a number of leading entertainment companies.

These companies include T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment, CAD Management, UVC, and Hall of Fame songwriter, Linda Perry.


“I’m mega excited about partnering up with Repost,” said T-Pain. “I can already see how diligent their team is.

T-Pain, he feels as if this is only the beginning when it comes to Soundcloud/Repost’s relationship with Nappy Boy Entertainment.

With these strategic partnerships, artist are able to benefit from a number of services. Some of these include audience development, digital distribution to all major DSPs, monetization through Soundcloud’s power royalties program and more.

“Soundcloud is where so many truly promising artists and tomorrow’s stars take their first career steps, says Jeff Ponchick, Vice President and Head of Repost.

Repost has generation over $40 million in royalties for artists since its launch. With their new partnerships, they look to increase the revenue streams for each artist.

As you can see, Soundcloud continues its ongoing initiative to enable the growth and success of upcoming and independent artists.