Go against Nicki, it’s gonna cost ya! And Lil Yachty is still paying his dues for his role in the Nicki Minaj and Cardi B beef.

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Yachty asked the Barbz for forgiveness in hopes that the Queens rapper would unblock him on Twitter.

Lil Boat tried using her fan base to get back into her good graces. “Yesterday I went on Twitter to retweet my tweets from middle school of me praising Nicki, and then I went on Instagram live to let the world know Nicki Minaj has me blocked.”


“It’s the Barbz, man. They’re still killing me,” Yachty said when asked about the beef. “I woke up yesterday to a heat of fire under my butt from the Barbz. And the thing about that was I think I’m just big on loyalty. I got a lot of love for Cardi B and she’s a damn-near family members so I’ll do whatever. I’m gonna ride. But I never—I’ve loved Nicki Minaj since I was a child.”

Yachty even asked Drake for a hand but The Boy clearly doesn’t got the juice like that. “I even hit Drake, I’m like, ‘Yo Drake, tell Nicki I love her. I love her to death,’” Yachty said laughing. “I checked this morning, I’m still blocked.”

Nicki Minaj was vocal about how hurtful her feud with Cardi B was in the past, and many people rode the “Nicki hate train” like Yachty, and fans speculate that Drake was on board at a point in time.

Do you think Nicki should forgive Yachty and unblock him?

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