J. Prince has issued a message to the Houston blasting the murderers of his nephew. Sharing a picture of himself and his fallen relative, J. Prince had words about the “renegade young punks” who shot his nephew in the heart.

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“These clowns have no principles, with an ‘anybody can get it’ type of attitude,” Prince wrote. “I wish I could go back to the western days and put a ‘WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE – MILLION DOLLAR REWARD’ on them but that’s illegal, so I won’t do that.”

He added, “To all the real ones in every hood in H-Town, let’s not wait on the police to solve every problem for us. We have legal rights that need to be exercised to protect. I have NO respect for you niggas around the world that call yourselves gangstas, killing unarmed, innocent people at nightclubs, homes, schools, malls, restaurants, churches or wherever!”


J. Prince moved into the close of his message stating “This is weak shit NOT gangsta!”

You can see the full message below.