Some call him the new face of pop music; others call him the 21st century Billy Joel. We may not agree on a specific profile for this talented singer and songwriter, but one thing we can all agree on is that it is impossible to box him. Since 2015 when Jordan emerged in the music scene with his debut album “Slide“, the world has continued to see different shades and parts of him, consistent with his ever-appealing personality, lively disposition and sweetheart look that fits the mojo of a superstar.

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Bloomberg once described Jordan as a standout artiste who is distinct from his generation. Known as the Local Artiste with a global following, Jordan is fast building a reputation among music’s elites and is today referred to as Atlanta’s biggest emerging artiste. You only need to listen to “Blow Up the Room” and “Prince Charming” to fall in love with his style, his sound and his musical intensity. The way he produces such beautiful vocals and music effortlessly, you’d be deceived to think he’s not a hard worker. But that’s the beauty of hard work and natural talent; the result is often flawless.

A native of Atlanta, Jordan Bolch grew up listening to the likes of Elvis Presley and Old Man Billy. In case you’re wondering why you’ll find traces of their classical influences in his music, that’s the whole story. Perhaps, the most striking fact about Jordan is his unique sound. Whether it’s Slide or any of his other titles including Now You KnowLitand the recent hit, 911, you can’t help but notice his attention to detail, use of intense vocals and tones and a great deal of amazing lyrics. How he manages to put up exciting videos for each song is still a mystery to many.


For Jordan Bolch, his global fame and recognition- especially on social media- is a humbling reality that hard work truly pays. If there is one thing the music industry has taught us, it is that there is Talent on one hand, personality on another and yet management on a whole new level. Jordan’s ability to grow and garner a huge followership and fan base in such a short time is impressive. Apart from being a singer and songwriter, Bolch is also a music producer and executive- a pointer to how well managed he is. The star has almost 500,000 followers on Instagram.

He is, in fact, a great producer both of lyrical music and sound. His work on “B.U.T.R. Pt. II” tagged the Worldwide Remixes, is evidence of his flexibility. It is extremely easy to see Jordan’s amazing personality shine through his music; the delectable singer always wears a smile. Well, why wouldn’t he? He is living his dream and inspiring others to do the same through his music. As one of his Instagram posts says, “there is nothing healthier than following your dreams”. His diversity is also quite impressive, embodying the true American spirit of inclusiveness

Despite a tight and busy music schedule, Jordan finds time to run his company, the Jordan Bolch Company, dedicated to music management, production and marketing. But that’s not all, the superstar has an MBA and holds a crucial role in the family business- a gas powerhouse, RaceTrac Petroleum Inc., established in Missouri in 1934. Say what you want, but Jordan Bolch has nothing more to prove. He is a young, thriving artiste and music producer that wears several other caps.

As the years roll by, we can only expect even more beautiful, soul-searching titles from this talented singer who continues to inspire us with his words and his sound.