The Los Angeles Lakers got ran out of the building Tuesday as the Phoenix Suns destroyed them in the first quarter and cruised to a 115-85 win. Lakers stan Snoop Dogg was not a fan of the beating, reacting on Instagram.

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“Never thought I’s say it but we sorry and the clippers better than us,” Snoop wrote. “Frank vogel can’t coach and why the fuck montrez harrel ain’t getting no run. Fuck this is heart breaking A d. Hurt more than Mary j blige. Records. We soft.”

“We’ll find out what we’re made of, and we’ll find out how bad we want this,” Lakers coach Frank Vogel said after the game.


“We got our ass kicked. It’s just that simple,” James said. “They got to whatever they wanted to get to in this game. We got to be better, obviously, if we want to force a Game 7.”

Do you think the Lakers have some bounce back in them?