According to a confirmed report from The Detroit News, Delmarco Craig, who’s best known in the local Hip Hop community as “Big Homie:, was arrested less than 48 hours after going live on Instagram flashing guns.

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It was the modification on a Glock handgun that converts the weapon from a semi-automatic to a fully automatic that got the authorities’ attention. That weapon and several other guns that were discovered by ATF in the rapper’s home were allegedly used in seven shootings over the span of seven months.

The guns were linked to at least one homicide, a shooting back in April and even one of the guns was reportedly connected to a shooting that happened just hours after Craig’s IG Live session ended.


The rapper’s attorney dismissed his client’s Instagram Live and says Big Homie was just portraying a rap persona.

“A lot of these young rap artists with social media today find themselves involving using guns in videos,” said Steven Scharg. “That does not necessarily mean they’re thugs or believe in assaults. It’s just part of the façade of the rap industry.”

Craig is being held without bond and faces up to ten years behind bars if convicted.