Kanye said a while back in an interview with Nick Cannon that he wishes he could wear a pair of Jordans, but due to his contract with Adidas, West could only wear Adidas products. However, Ye was recently spotted for the first time ever, since signing with Adidas, in a pair of Nike shoes.

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In the pictures, Ye is wearing a full facemask, a blue puffer jacket, and a pair of Nike Vandals. While they might not seem like much, the pair West had on is pretty hard to come by. The Nikes released back in 2015 as a promo item for the movie, Terminator Genisys. The pair was inspired by the shoe Kyle Reese wore in James Cameron’s 1984 sci-fi classic, The Terminator. The pair goes for about $500 on StockX, and over $1,000 on other sites. One pair was even going for more than $14,000.

This is definitely a big deal in the sneaker world. In 2009, West was the first non-athlete to have a full collaboration with Nike. From their collaboration spawned two Yeezy’s which go for thousands of dollars each. However, dissatisfied with his deal, Kanye left Nike in 2013 and signed with Adidas that same year. It was a couple of years before the first Adidas Yeezy dropped. But since then the Yeezy brand has become stronger than ever, with multiple sneakers dropping and selling out every week.


To see Ye rock a pair of Nike’s shows that maybe he’s reconciled with his former collaborator, or he was able to amend a clause in his Adidas contract.