It’s a known fact that black girls switch up their hair at the drop of a new outfit, a special occasion, planned vacation or even a walk to the store can propel a new hair look.  We can go from slick sleek and straight to a braided natural in a matter of hours (don’t we love our wigs?). The countless looks help us feel fabulous, preserve our natural hair during those in-between phases and help to protect it from the elements like heat and humidity.  Whatever the reason, the women of Hip-Hop will forever keep us on our toes when it comes to hair.  And Ciara is determined to keep her foot firmly planted on our necks with every photo she drops on the ‘Gram. Teal blue, pastel pink, locs, farah faucett flips just a name a few and we’re only halfway through the year. So we decided to take a closer look at Ciara’s hair transformations and why they are the looks we love.  Feel free to save a few of them onto your phone and take them to your stylist as reference.  You’re Welcome!

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Blue Hair 

Bringing in the New Year in teal blue


Pretty in Pink

Blame it on lockdown boredom or just a need to switch it up. After seeing this look we all added shades of pink to our hair roster

Beach Waves

Naturally gorgeous and ready for the family vacation in carefree beach waves

Long Honey Blonde Waves

Her Signature go to look. Easy and wearable for date night or a day out shopping 

Loc’s & Loaded

“Lock in with me” is what she wrote in the caption.  These butt length faux locs created by Loctician Bonita Rebel were distressed blonde and looked better with time

Dark Butterfly Locs

There’s something dramatic, sexy and fun about her dark locs which also included two side buns

Long Faux Locs

Once again, showing off faux locs but this time in a new color and a ‘past her feet’length 

Romantic Waves and Curls

We’re not sure what she was getting ready for but she slayed in these blonde curls

Farrah Fawcett Flips

She slayed and she didn’t even need to do the Tik-Tok Challenge to prove that she could rock this look

Blonde Highlights

Face framing highlights were just what she needed to create a  new look without doing a complete switchup

Long Double Strand Twists

Taking protective styles like double strand twists to the next level

Long Pony

Simple and chic in this half-up-half down long pony 

Red Head   

Proving that blondes are not the only ones who have fun

Double Top Knot 

Ready for a day at Disney with the kids in two top knots