A recent report from AllHipHop has confirmed that the dealers that provided Pittsburgh slang spitter, Mac Miller, with the lethal dose of fentanyl; took the rapper’s life at the tender age of 26 in 2018.

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The three codefendants, Stephen “Stevie” Walter, Cameron James Pettit and Ryan Reavis, are set to begin the trial for the death of Miller on November 16, 2021. All three were indicted on federal drug distribution charges and are currently being held in custody without bond.

United States Attorney Nick Hanna said of the trio’s trial, “These defendants allegedly continued to sell narcotics after Mr. McCormick’s death with full knowledge of the risks their products posed to human life.” Hanna continued saying, “It has become increasingly common for us to see drug dealers peddling counterfeit pharmaceuticals made with fentanyl. As a consequence, fentanyl is now the No. 1 cause of overdose deaths in the United States.”