In a now-viral IG Live video, slain rapper King Von’s uncle, Range Rover Hang, pleads with famed Chicago drill rapper Lil Durk to stop dissing people on his songs in an attempt to quell the violence that has fueled Chi-Town’s already a violence-plagued community.

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Hang goes into what he believes not only incites the violence among the drill rappers in the Windy City but also contends that Durk’s music played a role in his brother DThang’s murder this past weekend.

“Durk steady saying these n-ggas names in songs like you don’t have to do that bro,” he said. “This what got his brother shot. I’m not going to say killed because I don’t know if he dead.” Hang also let his respect for Durk be known, saying, “I fuck with his music. His movement. He making money. I’m not hating. I love to see what he’s doing. Shorty up $30, $40 million like I love to see that because I’m from one block, he’s from the next block over. My daddy used to hang with Durk’s daddy.”