Ari Lennox shared in a tweet Monday that she was spending her day in court.

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Ari exclaimed “Wow. I am really on trial for throwing away trash in a trash can at a gas station.”

It’s giving handcuffs don’t go with my outfit.

Did someone say Illegal dumping? What is the point of having trash cans available in public if the public can’t use them? We hope justice prevails for the BUSSIT singer.


Lennox implied there could be racial motivation for her court charges. Responding back to a follower “I’m black” after she was tweeted “I mean people do it all the time what’s the problem?”

Lennox did her best to answer some of the questions from her social media followers, no official statement or details about her court case have been released.

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever received a ticket for? Leave your comment below.