In 157 years of its standing, Debbie Hewitt will be crowned the first female chair of England’s Football Association. According to CNN, Hewitt was unanimously nominated for the role and will begin in January of 2022 once endorsed by the Football Association Council.

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Hewitt will be replacing Greg Clarke, who resigned following an incident last November where he used “unacceptable words” to Britain lawmakers. Clarke referred to Black, Asian, and other minority players by calling them “colored” and even had negative comments concerning gay players and female players. It is also said that Clarke also made negative comments in regards to people from South Asia as well.

When hearing about her nomination Hewitt shared that she was delighted to hear the news. “I’m delighted to be nominated for the role of Non-Executive Chair of The Football Association.”


As the events in recent months have shown, this is a significant moment in time for English football, with a clear purpose for all stakeholders to secure the long-term health of the game at all levels. she continued.

“I’ve been passionate about football from a very young age and I’m excited by the opportunity to play my part in shaping the future of something that means so much to so many.”

Congratulations to Debbie Hewitt on making history.