Deion Sanders drops surprise gems and shares his advice he’s learned to keep his woman happy with Chad Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder on the season finale of I Am The Athlete Podcast

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At the thirty-six minute mark Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson questions his mentor Deion “Prime Time” Sanders, “How do you keep a woman happy?” Sanders explained “You got to keep the main thing, the main thing.”

Well. No lies detected there. 


He continued with “She’ll tell you what she wants, she’ll tell you what she needs and she’ll tell you how to treat her.” “You just got to pay attention to the signs.” “But sometimes we’re so busy being into who we are, we miss the visuals that she’s giving us.” “Like if a woman touches you on your shoulder, that means she wants to be touched on hers.” Adding, “A woman usually gives what she wants.” 

Is Primetime speaking facts?

The season finale episode continued with more collegiate and professional sports talk. Then things get deep with Deion Sanders sharing personal moments. Fighting depression, and opening up about his lowest point, Coach Prime surprised with more dynamic and transparent conversation.

You can catch the full interview below!