The NBA came down on the Brooklyn Nets’ attempt of trolling Giannis Antetokounmpo and told them to cut it out.

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Anthony Puccio of Front Office Sports reported on Tuesday that the NBA has asked the Nets to stop with a certain tactic when the Milwaukee Bucks star is shooting his free throws. The team has been putting up a stopwatch on the Jumbotron to call out any ten-second violations on Antetokounmpo’s part. Puccio says the league has asked Brooklyn to take down the stopwatch.

Antetokounmpo had been assessed a violation of the free-throw rule — in which the ball must be released within 10 seconds of receiving it from the referee — late in regulation in Game 1 of Milwaukee’s opening-round sweep over Miami. Antetokounmpo has really struggled from the line through the first two games of this series. He has gone only 2-for-10.


Before Monday’s game, Nets coach Steve Nash said he hadn’t noticed the scoreboard clock during Game 1.

“I haven’t been [paying attention]. I just really want to focus on our team,” Nash said. “The whole thing is kind of confusing: Is it a rule? Is it not a rule? Are we calling it? Are we not calling it?

While Antetokounmpo is having his issues from the line, the entire Milwaukee Bucks team is having their issues with the Nets.