While we’ve all been busy waiting to see who Shad Moss AKA Bow Wow will be battling, Verzuz has been busy confirming its other artists. Today the battle of the bands announced Trina and Eve will be going up against each other on June 16.

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Back in March, Trina mentioned that she felt Eve or Lil Kim would be a good match-up if she were to do a battle in an interview with DJ Scream on Hood Rich Radio.

“I honestly said Kim or Eve, but I feel like Kim is more balanced because believe it or not when I came into the industry like Kim; Kim is that B*tch. Let’s be clear,” said Trina.


The Miami rapper went on to say that she looked up to Lil Kim when she came into the industry. She also said the combination of her legendary status and her records would make it a celebration.

Since Verzuz dropped the news, fans have been reacting. Here’s what they’re saying on Twitter.

“An Eve vs Trina Verzuz? I love them both, but come on now. Trina CLEARLYYYY has more to work with here. Eve had a run, but come on.” wrote Shaye_Tova.

“Eve vs Trina. If this eve show up its over.” wrote homie_straight.

“Eve vs. Trina doesn’t make a lick of sense, but I will be present with a drink and a snack. This is a Katrina Laverne Taylor household!” wrote TheGreatIsNate.

Also scheduled to take the Verzuz stage are Bow Wow and Soulja Boy. The two are set to battle it out June 26.

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