A sharp cat eye has always been my secret weapon when it comes to wearing makeup.  It is one of the most iconic makeup looks of all time.  And artists like Asian Doll have made it their signature look and for good reason.  A cat eye finish can instantly make eyes look sultry and your lashes that much thicker. But unlike the red lip or the smokey eye this look can be hard to master. What starts out as a sharp cat eye can end up an uneven smudged mess.  A steady hand, the perfect liquid liner and precision winged tip takes practice or better yet a makeup artist at our beck and call.  SInce most of us don’t have that luxury of calling a glam squad.  We have however benefited from the infinite wisdom of our favorite beauty influencers and makeup artists who are at our beck and call with the click of our Macbook keys.  

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We’ve gone ahead and listed the top 10 foolproof tips that will help you get it right, every time.  You can thank us later

  1. If the wing is not as precise as you would like it to be then take a makeup wipe, fold and wipe the eyeliner into a sharp edge.  A Q-TIp dipped in micellar water will also work with sharpening up edges. 
  1. Draw a dot at the end point of your flick on either side of your eyes first, that way you know the end result and where you’re aiming.
  1. If you are a cat eye newbie choose your products wisely, if you’ve been watching youtube and Tik Tok to master this look then don’t try to use professional tools like angle brushes and gel pots opt for an eyeliner pin. Trust us your look depends on this decision.
  1. A high quality liquid liner is a must have when achieving this look. So you don’t have to worry about watery payoff or re-applying several times at the risk of messing up the crisp cat line.  Avoid using a pencil eyeliner when you’re going for the winged tip look.  They are hard to  glide over your lids evenly, try liquid or gel eyeliner. 
  1. If liquid is too lucid and always ends up smudging on you then use a gel liner that is more solid and less smeary.  
  1. We love Rimmel’s Wonder Wing eyeliner. It’s felt tip liner gives a precise line along your lash line and when you get to the flick, turn the liner on its side and it becomes a tapered wing shape.

  1. Another simple yet impactful way to spice up your liner look is to add color.  (seen here on Yara Shahididi) Use white, yellow, pink or whatever pops best on your skin .  Remember to keep the line super fine, as you don’t want to overwhelm the eye.
  1. Do not, we repeat,  do not apply your mascara first, the tip of your eyeliner pin can get caught in your mascara’d lashes resulting in a jagged line. nKeep lashes bare until the liner has dried.   
  1. Don’t attempt this freehand. For ultimate precision, find somewhere to steady your elbow whether it’s your bathroom mirror or your knee, we don’t care, a steady hand is key.
  1. SInce perfecting the flick is the part that has us all stressed out, try this to create the cat eye first starting from the outer corner of the eye drawing a vertical line upwards. Keeping in mind the higher your go the bigger the cat eye will be.  Then go back and create the line along the lash line.   

Finish the look with mascara and your favorite pair of lashes and go out there and make us proud.