42 Dugg leaked his Future-assisted single, “Maybach” which immediately began trending once fans heard Pluto take a dig at his ex-girlfriend, Lori Harvey.

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“Magic City, I’m the owner / Tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her,” he spit.

Harvey recently did an interview with Bustle and responded to the diss, kinda.


“I think they get from me that I try to just not let any type of negativity or rumors or anything like that make me stoop down to that level and go back and forth with it or whatever,” she said regarding her fans. “Just maintain my position of I know who I am, I know what’s going,” Lori gracefully said without name-dropping Future.

The model’s love life has been in the spotlight ever since Meek Mill put her on his wish list. But she always holds her head high amid the drama.

“I just try to stay up here and take the high road in every situation. So I think that would probably be what they get from me, because I am private, so I like to just give enough,” she continued.

Lori Harvey is currently dating Michael B. Jordan and this was a big deal as Lori is the first woman that the heartthrob publicly claimed throughout his entire career.

“I think we’re both very private people naturally,” Lori told Bustle. “So we just decide, if we take a picture or whatever it is, do we want to post this? Do we not? We have a conversation about it, like ‘You want to post this or we keep this to ourselves?’ We know there are people that love and support us and want to see us,” she said. “So [we want to] give just enough, but keep the majority of it just for us. We’re trying to find a balance.”

Future has been pretty quiet ever since “Maybach” leaked. Hopefully he’s enjoying his new relationship with rapper, Dess Dior as much as his ex-girlfriend is enjoying her new union.